This Upcoming Velicious Anniversary, August 2015 will be the 1 year release of my debut novel Velicious and that’s a really exciting time for me. I’ve learned a lot on this journey, had my ups and downs. Made some new friends, and found really cool blogs.

Before releasing my novel I had it edited multiple times but yet reviews were stating that they found editing problems. That really bugged me. I even contacted the very last editor who did my book and sent her back the manuscript. She sent it back to me claiming that she fixed everything. Well it turns out she didn’t do anything. I mean, why lie? But I guess to each their own. And to top it off she tried to blame me saying that I was suppose to send it back to her.

Okay, you know what, I understand that I was suppose to send it back after going over her edits but I forget. However, as a professional shouldn’t you remind a client that they have to send the manuscript back. After all she put her name on my work, claiming that she edited my book and Velicious is on her website as a book she’s worked on. Why would you want your name on something that’s not done properly. I don’t. Hence I kept paying editors to edit my work because it was never done properly.

When I also look at it, maybe I got shitty editing done because I cheaped out. You get what you pay for. Right? right. So with my 1 year anniversary approaching, instead of being depressed because i’m being penalized in my reviews for bad editing, this year i’m gonna do better. This year for my 1 year anniversary, I paid really well for kick ass editing and wait for it… a cover make over!

All coming this September 7th, 2015.

Now, I know what your thinking. In the beginning of the post I said August was the anniversary, now I’m saying September. I got the new cover completed and i’m just waiting on the editing. Its delayed. But you know what, as long as its done properly, I don’t care.

So, now… since the cover reveal and book revision won’t be live until September 7th, in which I’m doing a week long mini tour, I’m also hosting a giveaway starting August 7th. Now this giveaway is a huge, 3 month long fun event that will include.

1. 2 physical copies of Velicious + 2 ARC copies of Velicious Part 2 + Swagalicious goodies

2. 2 E-book copies of Velicious + 2 ARC copies

3. $25 Amazon gift card

I hope you guys have me on all your social media outlets. Sign up for my newsletter, and I can’t wait for this 3 month long event to begin.

Ps. Sorry for my babbling =)