Okay, I’ve battled writers block many times over and most of the time I take writers block as a sign, and relax for a day or two. However, this time with my family moving to a different city and staying with my mother with my husband and two kids isn’t entirely idealistic. (We have a place for April)

Now, since I’ve been at my moms house I haven’t been able to really concentrate on my writing. My characters aren’t talking to me anymore and I’m not seeing them running around in my head causing mischief. I miss them, most importantly I miss Dante and his antics, lol.

I tried writing a few times but its nothing really, most of the time I end up reading and re-reading what I wrote 2 hours ago. I think its stress, its that I’m living with my parents and this house is so full. There’s always something going on. I have my two brothers, mom and dad, grandmother, two fosters kids, my brothers friend and now add in myself, husband and two grand-kids. UGH.

I need a breather. I need a break. I had a deadline for my 2nd book and now with this move, I think its been pushed back and it really frustrates me. My husband has managed to talk me out of my crazy state of depression and I’ll push my release date back. I don’t have a choice and I’m not happy about this, but its better than stressing myself out over something that I really can’t change right now.

Hopefully when we move into our own place in April and we get settled, my characters will start talking back to me once again. I miss ’em.