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You guys are Reader’s, otherwise, A special elite group of awesomeness and you guys have a huge role in an author’s career. What catches a curious reader other than everything else, are reviews. I know speaking for myself, when I look into purchasing a book, unless I absolutely love an author, what counts for me:

    1. Book Cover
    2. Blurb
    3. Reviews

I am so grateful when someone writes a review on Amazon, I don’t check them often. Like maybe once a month, just to get an overview. But when I see new reviews, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I love reading your thoughts and reactions to my characters. Why you loved or hated a scene/character and what you are looking forward to seeing develop. It helps me become a better author in many ways, that you may not understand.

So, as a monthly thank you for all the support, I would like to reward a $5 GC, to my reviewers.
You guys are awesome!

To qualify all you have to do is fill out the form with an Amazon and Goodreads link.

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