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Please add the following e-mail addresses, to your address book so e-mail reach your inbox.

  1. [email protected]
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1. What does the email options mean?

  • Twice A Month: You are going to receive emails, once or twice a month. Every other Friday.
  • Weekly Emails: Every Friday you will receive an email from me about book recommendations, giveaways and whatever else that is happening my author world.
  • Important Updates: You will ONLY receive emails when I have a new release coming out.

2. Not receiving emails

If you are NOT receiving my VIP weekly emails, but you signed up for my newsletter, then:

  1. You subscribed in the past and then unsubscribed. Once that happens, the system will not allow you to sign back up until I purge all unsubscribed emails. I do this every so often, but sometimes it slips my mind. Send me a message and I’ll add you right away.
  2. My emails are in your junk folder and you need to add [email protected] and [email protected], to your address book. This will help ensure that you always receive my emails.

3. What if I don’t want emails but, I would like to keep up with your books?

You can follow me Amazon, Bookbub and join my Facebook group.