Piece By Piece ARC Request

Piece By Piece


* Full-length novel

* No Cliffhanger

Ten years ago I loved a boy, but he never knew. He was athletic, smart and dated the popular girl. I was the nobody, the rumored whore, the foster kid. Ten years ago I ran away from the system, from my life. I needed to start over; I needed a better shot at life.

Ten years later, I’ve returned home. I’m still the nobody, the whore and the unwanted. I tried to start over, but life doesn’t work that way. Ten years later, the boy I loved is now a man. He’s sexy as sin and this time around he notices me but the timing is wrong. I took something that didn’t belong to me and I pissed off the wrong men. My life is on the line, and I’m running out of time.

Despite my severe circumstances, he’s fighting for me and for us, but I’m broken. I’m the unwanted, the whore and a nobody but he doesn’t care. He wants me. Every bit of me. Piece by piece he’s stripping me bare until there is nothing left and I don’t know if I’ll survive him or the dangerous men.

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