So, I’ve been really nervous waiting for Velicious Part Two reviews to start coming in. I mean, honestly, I know I kind of screwed up with Velicious Part One. Not with the editing because that’s another story. But all I can do now is move one and hope for the best. You live, you learn.

Now, as I digress, very patiently waiting for reviews to start rolling in, I’ve been talking my husbands ear off about this waiting game XD. I’m lucky he listens and keeps me level headed.

The waiting game is the worst part.

Nervous 001

Today I just noticed that I got my first review and its a 5 star, and I love it!

After all, what author doesn’t love a 5 star review? But for me, like I said I know Velicious Part One was a shaky beginning, and if I wasn’t the type of person to jump in head first without doing my homework, that could have been avoided.

Here’s the review:

This is exciting book two in Velicious series. It started from where the story ended in book one. It is just as thrilling but even more entertaining. The story is full of intrigue and mystery. There are many things which are not clear in the beginning but things start to unravel as we read.

Dante is still a mystery to Justice but now she is starting to find out a few things about herself too. But there are still many things which are not clear and as much as story untangles in some ways it becomes more tangled in others.

It is full of action and romance. I think every paranormal lover will like this series.

Here is the Amazon Link

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Yes, I know not every review will be just as good, or even a 5 star. Everyone’s taste is different and such but this is lady is very happy XD

Ps. I know I should be more active on this blog and I will try to be. I promise. Its just I have two little girls 10 months apart. One is a 3 year old and a 2 year old. They keep me very busy at home. But I will try to post more stuff.