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504, 2017

The Pawn

By: Skye Warren
Length: 314 pages
Publication: December 6, 2016
Age: 18+

Genre: New Adult, Dark Romance, Suspense




Reaching the ending of the book, my fingers gripped my e-reader so tight, I thought it was going to crack. I couldn’t believe I had gotten to Ms. Warren’s ending blurb, while my heart was free falling and trying to make sense of what had just happened between Gabriel and Avery.

Oh my GWAD!

To say this took my emotional stability and F*cked me right up, would be an understatement. Like, standing ovation to an awesome author. I love this woman.

Oh my, The Pawn was a brilliant, beautiful read that was so much more complex than just two people falling in love, through whatever circumstances. And that’s the thing, I assumed this book would be like another one of ‘those’ reads. Dark brooding alpha male. Heroine gets trapped in alpah’s web and then a hop, skip and jump later someone’s heart is on display. At the end of the day, I knew I was going to like this book on some level or another because I mean come on, it’s Skye, but I didn’t expect this book.

In the beginning, Avery’s father is throwing her an extravagant high school graduation party, inviting everyone in their rich society. The next chapter, a year or so has passed and Avery’s family has hit rock bottom. Avery’s father had been a dirty and dishonest business man, and those who had suffered by his cheating hands took their revenge on him in court and physically.

Everything was taken from Avery and her father, leaving them broke and her father unable to even bath, let alone feed himself. Bills are coming from everywhere, draining their accounts, to the point she has to sell everything in her house to attempt to keep up with the bill payments. Or let alone pay for her father’s health care. Avery has hit rock bottom with her father barely conscious and everyone leaving her side, including her boyfriend.

Who can she turn to? No one will help. Everyone she and her father thought were friends all bailed on them, the moment things got tough.

Seeing only one way out of the financial despair, Avery goes to the only loan shark in town that will have the substantial funds to keep her afloat. There she meets Gabriel Miller. A powerful man that her father had screwed over, and he made sure to make an example out of him. Which ultimately led to their accounts being bled dry.

Gabriel Miller was responsible for Avery’s father losing everything. He was responsible for Avery not being to afford her lavish lifestyle. And, most importantly, he was responsible for Avery having to bargain the only thing of worth that she had left- Her virginity.

The Pawn was raw, undeniably sexy and heart-wrenchingly enticing. It was hard for me to break away from this book, to tend to my daily responsibilities. Gabriel was a man of mystery and still is, especially after what Avery’s father did to him, his actions have you thinking and guessing. He’s being nice, but why? Avery is the daughter of the man who screwed him over, so why the pleasantries? Why the little actions, to play with the heart-strings? Why the small gestures of sympathy? He teased hope in front of Avery, showed her pieces of himself that made her believe. Is he that much of a monster?

“You need to keep your defenses up with someone like me. That means staying sober, for starters. Sleeping with a knife under your pillow won’t hurt.”

That was Gabriel’s warning to Avery. To let her know where she should stand, but then his actions show the complete opposite in the next few pages. Orchestrating her walls to decline. Was this all part of the game he was playing? Not only going after her Vcard but also something more dangerous, just to humiliate her and watch her fall even harder. Is he that much of a cold bastard? Is messing with Avery’s mind, body and soul his ultimate revenge?

There were parts in The Pawn, I literally felt Avery’s fear of the unknown, of the darkness that is Gabriel Miller. They seeped into my blood, and ran cold just like hers. Tears stung my eyes, feeling Avery’s anxious nerves, and I am no way a virgin, but Ms. Warren’s writing was beautifully crafted in such a way that had collided with that innocent part of myself. Every intense and intimate scene between Avery and Gabriel cut deep into my soul.

“I’m not a monster, despite what you think. I could have had you. Could have forced your hand even then. But I wanted you to come to me.”

And then Gabriel says stuff like this, and you don’t know what to think. Yet the one question remains, what does Gabriel Miller want from Avery. There is an unspoken overcast between the two of them, more so from Gabriel, but you don’t get those answers. Especially not in this book, which had me tapping away in serious denial, upon reaching the end.

The Pawn, what a suited name for this book and characters.


Impatiently waiting for the next installment.


802, 2017

The Neighborhood

The NeighborhoodBy: Stylo Fantome
Length: 358 pages
Publication: January 15, 2017
Age: 18+

Genre: Erotic, Comedy, Suspense, Romance




What an amazing read. Like this author is talented beyond anything, I love her. I also hate her because she made me fall in love with both men.

In this second installment, Katya decides to switch the tables and play the boys like how they screwed with her. Every move Katya makes is to force the boys to feel the pain and hurt that they put her through. She wants them to understand her heartache. Talk about a giant ball of craziness, because Liam and Wulf decide that they will win her over, one way or another. Emotions are heated to the point of no return.

Katya starts a destructive game, in which slowly she begins to lose control. Eventually, everyone grows tired of the back and forth, and nothing is going anywhere. The men try to show Katya how sorry they are and Katya refuses to acknowledge them trying. She’s blinded by the pain. She’s holding onto such resentment and inner turmoil, it’s no good for health. Her best friend gives her some horrible advice. Just do you and have fun. I’m sorry, you can’t do that. Not when Liam’s smile weakens her, or just being in Wulf’s presence unnerves her to the heavens and beyond. That was stupid advice.

And Katya, poor girl. She led everyone down a very dark, and emotional path. By the near end of the book, I was wondering if the author was going to leave it without Katya being in a relationship. Holy drama. The men weren’t winning and neither was Katya. Emotions exploded and words were bitterly unleashed. I think Katya being alone would have been a good ending. She needed space from men and sex, to find peace within herself.

Nevertheless, the ending was utterly perfect. Katya followed her heart and honestly, for me, I kinda knew who she was going to pick. Her heart has always been with a certain man.(I don’t wanna giveaway any spoilers).

I hated how the author spoon feeds you all their insecurities with the characters and you start to understand all their pains and why they act a certain way. AGH. But, in the end I admire Katya, Wulf and Liam because, despite everything, they’ve still somehow managed to stay friends.

This story was painfully ah-mazing.

2611, 2016

Captive In The Dark

Captive In The Dark
By: CJ Roberts
Length: 277 pages
Publication: August 29, 2011
Age: 18+

Genre: Dark Romance, Erotic




OMG, were the first words that popped into my mind. What an ending. But then again, what was I expecting? To tell you the truth, I was avoiding this book because dark romances I’m really fickle with. Not a lot of authors, I think, can do them properly and I find myself rolling my eyes a lot and skipping pages and muttering to myself ‘Ya, right!‘ a lot.

Finally, I decided to give this book a chance and I have never read anything by this author before, and now, I want more. From the beginning of this book I was intrigued. Caleb he was an interesting man and Olivia other wise Kitten, was a fighter. I loved that she wasn’t just a push over. I loved that she fought and fought hard. She fought despite her punishments, despite not knowing where she was, or how long she was gone for. She fought with every fibre in her body, she fought and not once did she give in. Granted her mental and emotional state at times was questionable but she managed to always pull through. I couldn’t be more happy that her love/hate feelings for Caleb didn’t swallow her and keep her down. I love the author for that.


511, 2016


By: Stylo Fantome
Length: 336 pages
Publication: September 26, 2016
Age: 18+




Neighbors was Ah-Mazing!

A well-developed book, and I’m not just talking about the story line. The characters and the writing was ah-mazing. I absolutely adored this book and found a new favorite author.

Katya is our main girl. By the way, I like the name. It was different.

So, Katya is a baker and creates a dating profile to get back into the dating scene after her boyfriend broke up with her. Katya is a proper lady and was raised to treat her body with respect, dress a certain way and act a certain way. After she leaves one morning for work, her best friend decides that Katya is too boring and decides to spice up her profile.

Liam, a guy that lives in the building beside Katya’s, has seen her around and thought she was cute but didn’t want to pursue anything because of how innocent she looked. However, upon seeing her profile Liam thinks that his innocent church girl is a naughty lady and wants to talk to her. (more…)

904, 2015

Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity

By: A. Aimee
Length: 221 pages
Publication: June 26, 2015
Age: 18+

Genre: Erotica




I have such a love hate relationship with Good Pussy Bad Pussy and when I saw that A. Aimee was putting out a 2nd copy to this series, I was once again intrigued and I couldn’t resist. I’m really trying to collect my thoughts on this book because there are so many.

Good Pussy Bad Pussy In Captivity, is a different kind of book all in its own category. Its not the kind of book for the faint of heart, and there are scenes in this book, very bad situations that Rachel has fallen into and they are hard to read to through.

This book was a roller coaster ride. It starts you off with some bad news about Albert and from there your heading down a very steep drop. I liked how A. Aimee wrote the sex scenes in this book. It wasn’t just sex and don’t get me wrong, there was a lot of sex, but Rachel’s relationship with Albert and Stefan you felt the love between the three characters. Even though you were reading the sex scenes, it was more like you were reading about how much Albert and Rachel loved each other, or Stefan and Rachel. Does that make sense? I hope it does, lol.

In fact, I hadn’t realized how much I missed Stefan and Rachel being together. They are scenes where you can feel the heavy emotions, feel their love, pain and hurt. You can feel the unspoken regret. I mean, at the end of the day they had, still had love and how can there not be any regrets between them? When Rachel was happy and surprised to see Stefan, I was excited for her.

Rachel, oh Rachel… I hated a lot of decisions in Good Pussy Bad Pussy, and I still hated her decisions in Good Pussy Bad Pussy in Captivity. She’s a frustrating character and I wanted to grab her and slap some senses into her. I couldn’t understand her mind, I’ve tried but still I found her really childish. I don’t know if its childish, maybe gullible or annoyingly naive. Ugh. I don’t know but Rachel is one really irritating character.

This book is darker and it is still a page turner. I wanted to know what would happen to Rachel, despite my feelings for the character. Rachel is a strong character and she will survive. She’s made it this far so it was more, how will everything unfold.

During this read, I felt as though Rachel wasn’t really dealing with everything in a normal way. A person in real life who has been through hell and back, like Rachel has been, would have issues. Especially with her sexuality and trying to figure out her pussy. Like the title says, Good Pussy Bad Pussy. What is a good pussy and bad pussy, and how does one understand it? Where are the limits?

I was very impressed with Rachel’s confession and questions at the Buddhist monastery with Anton, I was really proud of her. It made her seem more normal/human to me.

Good Pussy Bad Pussy In Captivity was a very nice read and I look forward to reading more books by A. Aimee.

* I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.