Hey everyone!

Did you know that Velicious is celebrating its 1 year anniversary? And for this exciting event, I have a brand new cover and got the insides re-edited and polished. However, for reasons and delays, it won’t be revealed until Sept. 7th.

For now you get the old cover (I promise the new cover will be amazing!)

Any who, since August 7th is the actual anniversary, I’m hosting a Mega Velicious Giveaway, that will continue on from August 7th- October 31th 2015. This is a giveaway that you won’t want to miss!



1)  $100 Victoria Secret Gift Card+ 1 Physical copy of
Velicious + Physical ARC Copy Of Velicious Part Two +
Swagalicious Goodies
2) 1 Physical copy of Velicious + Velicious Part Two
3) 1 E-book Copy + Velicious Part Two

Victoria sexret