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Curious about what I’m gonna publish next? Well, fear not because below I have a general list of books that I plan on publishing. I also publish romance books as Aeris Lize, therefore whatever series is more popular I will prioritize. Reviews help me decide which series to work on.

Books that do not have a date, might mean that I haven’t started working on it yet. Or I haven’t updated this page.

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06/15/2018– Wicked Doll, Book Three– Final Installment
05/01/2018Blood Of Beasts, Prequel To Vampyre Doll 
Blood Covert (Jessica) Previously called Scarlet Vale and was released in a box set
07/1/2018Blood Kiss (Jordan)

Chronicles Of Tehom

*Coming This Fall

Demon Blood, Book One
Demon Born, Book Two

Seduction Of The Gods

War Of Hearts, Book One – Selene The Moon Goddess
The In Between, Book Two – Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty
Dark Paradise, Book Three – Persephone & Hades