Captive In The Dark
By: CJ Roberts
Length: 277 pages
Publication: August 29, 2011
Age: 18+

Genre: Dark Romance, Erotic




OMG, were the first words that popped into my mind. What an ending. But then again, what was I expecting? To tell you the truth, I was avoiding this book because dark romances I’m really fickle with. Not a lot of authors, I think, can do them properly and I find myself rolling my eyes a lot and skipping pages and muttering to myself ‘Ya, right!‘ a lot.

Finally, I decided to give this book a chance and I have never read anything by this author before, and now, I want more. From the beginning of this book I was intrigued. Caleb he was an interesting man and Olivia other wise Kitten, was a fighter. I loved that she wasn’t just a push over. I loved that she fought and fought hard. She fought despite her punishments, despite not knowing where she was, or how long she was gone for. She fought with every fibre in her body, she fought and not once did she give in. Granted her mental and emotional state at times was questionable but she managed to always pull through. I couldn’t be more happy that her love/hate feelings for Caleb didn’t swallow her and keep her down. I love the author for that.

Caleb, oh my. I love hate him, like Olivia. He’s sweet and sour. Hot and Cold. I understood his mixed feelings and his mission with Rafiq. I hate CJ Roberts for making me feel anything but hate toward Caleb. He was a character well defined and had all the flawless that made me want to hug him. Which was crazy because he’s suppose to be the bad guy is the bad guy. He’s the monster that every young lady should fear but then again, he wasn’t. He hurt Olivia in many different ways, on many different levels. Yet still, I felt like Olivia; a soft spoken word, a flutter of his blue eyes, or touch of his fingers and he had my heart aching to soothe his pain, to pacify his anger. I wished to see more into his mind.

I don’t know how Olivia did it but she refused to break. I felt the pain when Olivia got punished. I felt happy when Olivia got a meal, or got to see the moon and sun for the first time in a long time. I felt a breath escaping me when Caleb would decide not to punish her because you just never know.

CJ Roberts kept me on my toes. I didn’t know what was going to happen and I was filled with heated emotions from all directions. One minute there was hope, then the next it was torn from my eyes as chilling words entered my brain and ruined my emotional state.

CJ Roberts will keep you in the dark much like Olivia and what more is there to say? This is a kind of story where the main characters don’t get a fairy tale ending.

This book is sexy, sadistic and downright disturbing and not meant for the faint of heart.