Curious about what I’m gonna publish next? Well, fear not because below I have a general list of books that I plan on working on.

The books below won’t have a date to when they will be released, therefore, if you want to keep up with my books the best place would be my mailing list. You can also join my Private Facebook Group where you will find updates on my books as well.


Wicked Doll, Book Three– Final Installment
Blood Beast, Prequel To Vampyre Doll 
Blood Covert (Jessica Calvin)
Blood Kiss (Jordan)

Chronicles Of Tehom

*Coming This Fall

Demon Angel, Book One
Demon Witch, Book Two

Seduction Of The Gods

War Of Hearts, Book One – Selene The Moon Goddess
The In Between, Book Two – Aphrodite Goddess of Beauty
Dark Paradise, Book Three – Persephone & Hades