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An awesome mother of two beautiful baby girls and wife to the luckiest man on the planet. I’m a proud Canadian but I dislike winter. I love parenthood first and foremost, then anything to do with Vampyres, supernatural, mythology and folklore.
26 03, 2017

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22 03, 2017

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8 02, 2017

The Neighborhood


The NeighborhoodBy: Stylo Fantome
Length: 358 pages
Publication: January 15, 2017
Age: 18+

Genre: Erotic, Comedy, Suspense, Romance




What an amazing read. Like this author is talented beyond anything, I love her. I also hate her because she made me fall in love with both men.

In this second installment, Katya decides to switch the tables and play the boys like how they screwed with her. Every move Katya makes is to force the boys to feel the pain and hurt that they put her through. She wants them to understand her heartache. Talk about a giant ball of craziness, because Liam and Wulf decide that they will win her over, one way or another. Emotions are heated to the point of no return.

Katya starts a destructive game, in which slowly she begins to lose control. Eventually, everyone grows tired of the back and forth, and nothing is going anywhere. The men try to show Katya how sorry they are and Katya refuses to acknowledge them trying. She’s blinded by the pain. She’s holding onto such resentment and inner turmoil, it’s no good for health. Her best friend gives her some horrible advice. Just do you and have fun. I’m sorry, you can’t do that. Not when Liam’s smile weakens her, or just being in Wulf’s presence unnerves her to the heavens and beyond. That was stupid advice.

And Katya, poor girl. She led everyone down a very dark, and emotional path. By the near end of the book, I was wondering if the author was going to leave it without Katya being in a relationship. Holy drama. The men weren’t winning and neither was Katya. Emotions exploded and words were bitterly unleashed. I think Katya being alone would have been a good ending. She needed space from men and sex, to find peace within herself.

Nevertheless, the ending was utterly perfect. Katya followed her heart and honestly, for me, I kinda knew who she was going to pick. Her heart has always been with a certain man.(I don’t wanna giveaway any spoilers).

I hated how the author spoon feeds you all their insecurities with the characters and you start to understand all their pains and why they act a certain way. AGH. But, in the end I admire Katya, Wulf and Liam because, despite everything, they’ve still somehow managed to stay friends.

This story was painfully ah-mazing.

24 01, 2017

Oh No! Big Newsletter mistake =(



I feel horrible. My emails are supposed to be sent 10 days apart for my VIP Subs, but I realized that two of my planned newsletters went out at the same time.

LIKE WTF. To realize that the second one was set to go off ‘zero’ days after the previous email. So they got this week and next weeks email. Granted the Gif with the guy and gun, is a little over the top, but it’s how i’m feeling.  I want to send an apology email, but then that’s friggn THREE emails in one night.


I’ll post my sorry here, if anyone happens to stop by.


From the bottom of my heart </3 

30 11, 2016

Angels Fall: A Velicious Prequel Preview



Chapter 9


France 1818


The sun was setting and above me was an assorted colorful strokes of purple, pinks, oranges and yellow; all carefully placed to bid farewell to the burning ball of fire up yonder. I stare at the huge, luminous apricot sphere, descending and a sense of placidity caressed my face and body. I took in the mise en scène before me, breathing in and out easily as a soft cry whispered from behind me and I cocked my head to the side, gazing at the human.

I said, “Isn’t this such a glorious inception to the twilight that will follow?”

Two female humans huddled together, beside a carriage not attached to any horse. It was on an angle and the long wooden bridge, that they attached to the horse to pull, was up in the air. I knew that they would be my target because they lived far in the country, miles and miles away from civilization. Too far for anyone to notice or for anyone to hear.

They both didn’t answer me, the humans only let out another whimper of a sound, and turned their teary faces away from my own. Disgruntled, I dropped the bloody spleen in my hands and with a grunt, I narrowed my eyes on them. “I don’t understand why you two are being boorish? It’s beautiful tonight and you ladies are being selfish.” When neither of them replied, I sighed. “I’ll just be on my way, but not before gathering my parting gift.” I walk back into their home and passed the bloody body of one of their husbands laying face down. A pool of blood had now formed under his face, and I walked straight through this shack they called a home and found a little girl huddled in a corner.


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30 11, 2016

Why I Love Vampires


Shelique EB


No, seriously though, Why I Love vampires? Why the paranormal? Why did I choose to write about vampires vampyres over all other creatures that go bump in the night?

Vampyres, My, Oh My!

There are so many books and movies, covering all kinds of mythologies surrounding these immortal creatures. I love them. I absolutely adored them from the moment, I first watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer with my mom. Most importantly I love all the different ideas surrounding them. I love how you can brand this species in any way an author see’s fit. It all excites and interests me, and I don’t bash any particular idea, to what one person may feel a Vampyre should be like. Every author, every book has it’s own ideas to the fictional characters. I can’t hate and nor will I ever.

Velicious Part Two- Beautifuly Broken600I love how almost every vampyre movie or book I’ve read, vampyre’s seem to radiate confidence. I mean come on, who wouldn’t envy someone with that unyielding level of awesome. It’s almost blinding, and on a human level, wouldn’t you admire someone who is sure of themselves in every way? Sure, if it was in your face ‘Im better than you‘, that most vampyre’s in Hollywood tend to have, then maybe not. But nope, that is not what I’m talking. I admire confident individuals, just saying.

Their teeth, they fascinate me. The idea behind a ‘person’ that looks drop dead gorgeous but can ultimately reveal their true nature and ravage you in the next second, and I’m not talking sexually- Is very interesting, to at least me. Think of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, those vampires looked normal. Then in the next second, the fangs pop out and they look like demons. I was reading an article that the producer of the show said that he didn’t want Buffy going around and killing vampires that looked like humans. He was afraid that at the time, it would have been sending the wrong message. He wanted to show a difference, hence why the faces are so screwed up.


29 11, 2016

Velicious Celebration!





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26 11, 2016

Captive In The Dark


Captive In The Dark
By: CJ Roberts
Length: 277 pages
Publication: August 29, 2011
Age: 18+

Genre: Dark Romance, Erotic




OMG, were the first words that popped into my mind. What an ending. But then again, what was I expecting? To tell you the truth, I was avoiding this book because dark romances I’m really fickle with. Not a lot of authors, I think, can do them properly and I find myself rolling my eyes a lot and skipping pages and muttering to myself ‘Ya, right!‘ a lot.

Finally, I decided to give this book a chance and I have never read anything by this author before, and now, I want more. From the beginning of this book I was intrigued. Caleb he was an interesting man and Olivia other wise Kitten, was a fighter. I loved that she wasn’t just a push over. I loved that she fought and fought hard. She fought despite her punishments, despite not knowing where she was, or how long she was gone for. She fought with every fibre in her body, she fought and not once did she give in. Granted her mental and emotional state at times was questionable but she managed to always pull through. I couldn’t be more happy that her love/hate feelings for Caleb didn’t swallow her and keep her down. I love the author for that.


5 11, 2016



By: Stylo Fantome
Length: 336 pages
Publication: September 26, 2016
Age: 18+




Neighbors was Ah-Mazing!

A well-developed book, and I’m not just talking about the story line. The characters and the writing was ah-mazing. I absolutely adored this book and found a new favorite author.

Katya is our main girl. By the way, I like the name. It was different.

So, Katya is a baker and creates a dating profile to get back into the dating scene after her boyfriend broke up with her. Katya is a proper lady and was raised to treat her body with respect, dress a certain way and act a certain way. After she leaves one morning for work, her best friend decides that Katya is too boring and decides to spice up her profile.

Liam, a guy that lives in the building beside Katya’s, has seen her around and thought she was cute but didn’t want to pursue anything because of how innocent she looked. However, upon seeing her profile Liam thinks that his innocent church girl is a naughty lady and wants to talk to her. (more…)