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A hunter, a vampyre and a college girl. Three diverse lives have collided; intertwined into one formidable path.

“I think every paranormal lover will like this series!”

-Amazon Reviewer

Justice Labelle’s 21st birthday didn’t go as planned.

A government experiment attacked one of her friends, her ex-boyfriend returned to town, and she met a dangerous vampyre whom she feels connected to, and she doesn’t understand why.

Between an ex who won’t stop trying to reconnect, a friend’s life is withering away, and a mysterious vampyre who seems to be following her, Justice is struggling to keep up with her academics.

If only she could figure out why she has a strange sense that she knows that vampyre from somewhere…

Despite her chaotic life, Justice searches for answers. She unravels disturbing secrets about the government and her ex-boyfriend. The more she searches, the more she puts her life in danger, but she will not sit by and allow chaos to ravage her world. Ignoring the many warnings from her ex-boyfriend, Justice will do whatever it takes to save her friend, even if that means facing certain death.

Fans of The Vampire Diaries and Shadow Hunters are sinking their teeth into this addictive paranormal romance series.

Read the 1st Book: Vampyre Doll

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